Tutorial for making fabric tassels

an Indian at heart a tassel to everything, have grown up seeing various kinds of tassels as you find tassels to every possible piece of textile, bags, belts, turbans, shawls, etc in India almost everything, old textiles are full of tassels of various kinds


Tassel made from fabric scrap

the first ever tutorial am posting
Making tassel out of fabric scraps.

Material needed :

Scraps of fabrics,
seed beads of your choice ( matching or contrast as per your liking)
hand stitching needle and thread

Preparations :
Cut a fabric scrap to 4 x 1 inch size rectangle

my fabric had zigzag lines on it so I have cut it along the lines,
even straight fabric works fine.

Thread a hand stitching needle with thread, pass some beads through the needle and stitch running stitch along length of the fabric cut for tassel

Pull the thread to make gathers,

pass the needle through the beads and secure the end

Will post tutorials for all the differet kinds of tassels i can make :-

Any further clarifications please feel free to mail me


4 thoughts on “Tutorial for making fabric tassels

  1. I have always wanted a great tutorial for creating tassels and now I have one!
    Thank you-

    Thank you for sharing this at Thoughts of Home on Thursday.
    We are so glad you are here!


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