Macrame is making a comeback.


I was happy to find out in many home decor photos that macrame is back. And, among them I distinguished a simple plant hanger project that was so cool, despite its simplicity. And, I wanted to try it immediately. It’s not difficult to find its material anyway i found some cotton cords in my stash and there i go knotting a plant hanger for my house

Definitely macrame isn’t something new for me. I remember my mother making macrame wall-hangings and bags that she sent to my father who was on scholarship with Royal College of Arts London, this was around 1978’s

i learnt it around in my late teens and had made curtain for my Father’s office and a wall hanging for a friends 18th birthday

The word macrame is believed to be derived from an old Arabic word magramah.This referred to the ornamental fringe seen on the edges of scarves or shawls.

Later, the ornamental fringe showed up in England in tablecloths and clothing.

In the early 1800’s, seamen, who spent many hours at sea, made macrame an art peculiarly their own.

With rope being the most plentiful material on the ship, it’s hardly surprising that many of these men perfected this craft.

Sailors used macrame to help pass dull, off-duty hours. No doubt their knot tying earned them money in foreign ports too.

Macrame means; The art of using various kinds of knots to produce decorative patterns  If you know a few basic knots and have a little imagination, you can make an innumerable amount of things that are as beautiful as they are individual.


2 thoughts on “Macrame is making a comeback.

  1. This looks nice,simple and easy to make …..about 15 years back i noticed an interest in macrame through Yahoo groups and other online forums where macrame enthusiasts were coming together to discuss patterns and ideas …and in the later years there was a surge in the Art of micro -macrame and beading …using the same knots at a smaller enough level to create exquisite ornate jewellery.One such Artist is Joan Babcock ,jeanne wertmann and a lot of other Artists around the Globe who are now Macraming their way through Art…Along side this the trend towards the huge macrame hangings,tables ,sculptures and Art forms is again back….specially combining macrame with other Art forms .Lovely to see your work


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