revisiting screen-printing

Well, you would have to know me to understand the miracle of this feat.

Equally astounding is that I really, really enjoy printing.
Also, I enjoy it, the process, more than printing!
Whilst I adore the results of printing,
its repetition can be either soothing or mind-numbing if done too often.
Much like meditation….
a little goes a long way.
HTCH  (1)HTCH  (2)
  1. Build Your Screen. …
  2. Spread the Photo Emulsion onto the Screen. …
  3. Burn Your Image. …
  4. Rinse off Your Screen. …
  5. Print!
HTCH  (3)
You may need to experiment with the squeegee angle and practice to get it right, see what works for you and keep it consistent. You can also experiment with a “push” print stroke as opposed to the usual “pull” print stroke. There are cases when a push stroke can be useful. But always do one or the other, don’t switch between strokes.
HTCH  (4)
Don’t stop, slow down to take a phone call or a Twitter break.
Keep printing.
If the ink dries in the screen it’s trouble.
HTCH  (5)HTCH  (6)HTCH  (7)HTCH  (8)
 Don’t wait to wash out your screen after you finished printing. Get some water onto that thing right away.
Ink spots or smudges on garment or product –
A. Keep the work area and your hands clean.
B. Check the screen carefully for pinholes and fill them with a screen touch-up pen or cover them with a piece of tape.
C. Wash out small spots with a wet shop towel or a spot cleaning gun.
Mistakes will happen, but my best  advice is to work carefully to head off problems before they happen

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