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Abhla bharat : mirror-work, shisha (shisheh) embroidery

Let the beauty we love be what we do …Rumi

mirrors are easy to learn to embroider and fun to experiment with!

The basic concept of mirror embroidery is simple: foundation stitches are sewn, and then decorative stitches are looped over the foundation stitches and anchored in the fabric.


Abhla Bharat, shisha (Shisheh ) embroidery , or mirror-work, is a type of embroidery which attaches small pieces of mirrors to fabric

The use of decorative abhla, mirror or shisha was introduced from Iran during the Mughal Empire.in 17th century. However abhla (mirror)  embroidery was not used on Mughal clothing but rather found only on traditional folk clothes of South Asia and Central Asia.

But before this time, other reflective materials like pieces of mica or the beautiful beetle wings had been used in a similar way as mirror
Originally the glass was hand-cut and had uneven size and irregular edges.
In the desert sands the light effects created by sun´s rays reflection in the small mirrors resembles the light effect of the sun hitting the water surface.
Mirrors are associated with vitality, beauty and as well as being a reflection of reality. The mirrors were used as a talisman to deflect the evil eye.

Contemporary mirror work almost entirely consists of mass-produced, machine-cut glass with a silvered backing.

next post will be how to attach the mirror  Mirror work tutorial

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