Coming from a family of potters and working with my hands brings a healing touch to my mental, emotional and physical being. I have grown up away from my home town, as my father came and settled in the city of Ahmedabad after I was born. So I never got the opportunity or atmosphere of working with clay. Handling the textile threads and seeing the design emerge, as a form beneath my fingers gives me a sense of comfort.

As a child, I went to my parent’s hometown in the village and saw my grandparents working with clay to make utensils. Considerable skill, hard work and patience are required with operations taking several days to make one pot or a vessel, and this is the place where I learned that to attain a certain degree of expertise in any technique you need to patiently experiment to create successful shapes and forms

My overriding interest in manipulating threads led me towards many textile crafts. I have always been keen to discover how textiles are made, to learn about their history and origins. I gradually develop an idea in constructing a piece of my work by adding an extra third dimension to the technique. I have worked with several non-loom techniques (braiding, crochet etc) and surface ornamentation’s (embroidery, painting) shortly I will be experimenting on my tabletop sample loom

Hold a diploma in embroidery the only educational qualification i can relate myself with

Am made from all the things have experienced and people encountered, inside i hold the warmth of strangers, arguments with parents, laughter of friends, music that gets through me etc etc. There are stitching’s from cracked heart, bitter words and heated arguments, THAT’s me
Many times it was the end of my world, but as time goes by i think have learnt to accept things that just weren’t meant to bend me and move on with better things
Here i am at it again creating a whole new world for myself







The passion about doing stuff with my restless hands No, there is no online shop.
You can order your wishes and ideas simply by email :hunarthecraftinghands@gmail.com


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