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Abhla bharat : mirror-work, shisha (shisheh) embroidery

Let the beauty we love be what we do …Rumi mirrors are easy to learn to embroider and fun to experiment with! The basic concept of mirror embroidery is simple: foundation stitches are sewn, and then decorative stitches are looped over the foundation stitches and anchored in the fabric. Abhla Bharat, shisha (Shisheh ) embroidery , or mirror-work,… Continue reading Abhla bharat : mirror-work, shisha (shisheh) embroidery


Embroidery wings – This was always going to happen

Emptiness is the track on which the centered person moves.  a Tibetan Sage said this 600 years ago In a creative sense ‘have you ever felt like you’ve taken the long & windy road’ to get where you didn’t know you were going… sitting back now admiring the beautiful wings I think that’s exactly what I’ve done  … Continue reading Embroidery wings – This was always going to happen